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    Learn how to Hack the Hotel industry from the best of the best. 18 years experience.



    High efficiency Digital Nomad equipment, tested from expertes over 18 years.



    Leading Scientific Lifestyle Research about Digital Nomadism and the future of work and travel.

    Our Mission?

    Ideas and Travelhacks, all self-tested

    All the information, hacks and tricks on Business2travel have been personally tested by myself or my team, and they really work.

    18 years of intensive travel experience

    Anyone who has been following me on the social media channels for years knows how much experience I have in travel hacking and business-on-the-go.

    Insights into the Lifestyle of Extreme Travellers.

    Read about firsthand information and professionally tested Lifehacks for successful Digital Nomads and Extreme Travellers in our B2t-Blog.

    Fabian Hilpert

    Founder of Business2travel

    I founded Business2travel in order to enable anyone to establish an on-the-go business, so that everyone can discover the world, learn and grow.

    The first 5 blog article 🙂

    How to master three languages on the road.

    What is a Digital Nomad ?

    The best camping spot on the Great Wall of China for an incredible experience of nature

    Montenegro – Five reasons why you should start your life as a digital nomad here!

    How to work from the most beautiful beaches in the world – Island Hopping in Thailand

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