Coaching: Living in Hotels Deluxe

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In this elite coaching, I'll answer the question I get asked the most:
How do you manage to stay in the world's best hotels for free all the time?
You'll learn how to take your travels to a completely new level and hack the hotel industry.

Guaranteed Course Access

All coaching participants get access to the online course Living In Hotels Deluxe (highest package)

Elite Hotel Hacking

You will get an insight to all major global hotel programs (more than 10 Hotel chains where I am an Elite Member) and find out where the weak points are, to hack it.

Credit Cards Cashbackloops

You will get to know the credit cards with the highest mileage cashback and how to create efficient cashback loops with financial flows.

Internal Documents

We look directly in internal documents of the main hotel brands, what the management of a hotel pays attention to before upgrades and special extras are given.

Travelhacking Circle

In the internal Elite Travelhacking Circle, you will also find out about new methods, tricks and special offers to hack the hotel industry in the future.

Learn to hack the hotel industry

I’ve been traveling for 19 years and for many of those years, I’ve lived almost exclusively in hotels worldwide. I’ve optimized my systems to the point where I have elite status in more than 10 hotel programs, and I often live and eat for free in the world’s best hotel suites. In this coaching session, followed by guaranteed access to my course, you’ll learn how I achieved this and how you can do it too.

You’ll get to know every global hotel program in detail, including the strengths and weaknesses that I’ve identified. Additionally, we’ll review your credit card setup to figure out how you can maximize your mileage cashback and generate effective cashback loops through payment streams.

About me

Fabian Hilpert

Fabian has been traveling for 19 years. 11 years ago he decided not to save for travel anymore, but to work directly with the laptop when traveling. With Business2travel, he and his team have created an offer to show the many possibilities and the lifestyle of the digital nomad to others.

All included:

✔ Preparatory conversation before coaching (approx. 20-30 min)

✔ Personal coaching lasting 1-1.5 hours

✔ Internal elite hacks for all global hotel partner programs that have been tested over years

✔ Credit card optimization and cashback loops

✔ Access to the B2t Travelhacking Circle

✔ Guaranteed access to the online course: Living In Hotels Deluxe (highest package)

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