Offline Retro Mobile Games for your Travels – The Ultimate Guide

As a permanent traveller, I often find myself in situations where I am exposed to long travelling times or extended waiting periods with limited internet access. Often, I would just like to switch off for a while and seek refuge in a nostalgic world of games.  Meanwhile, there are lots of retro games available, that […]

What is a Digital Nomad

Work remotely, enjoy freedom and travel the world at the same time Travel and earn money on the side? At first this might sound like an empty advertising promise, but in an age of constantly growing technologies and global networking, this work model has increasingly become a real perspective. I would like to give you […]

How to work from the most beautiful beaches in the world – Island Hopping in Thailand

If you’ve never been to Thailand, you should definitely visit this enchanting country at least once. Isolated idyllic beaches, amazing landscapes deep within the jungle, wild party cities and the rich culture and cuisine make Thailand one of my favorite destinations for incredibly varied workations in Southeast Asia. The diversity of the country makes it […]

Montenegro – Five reasons why you should start your life as a digital nomad here!

Montenegro – The perfect starting point for a digital nomad One of the questions I am asked most often is: “How do I start traveling and working like you do? I always say “Pack your laptop or smartphone, get a few assignments, and do it!” If you are an entrepreneur, simply inform your customers that […]